What is Interactive Guided ImagerySM?

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Interactive Guided Imagery℠ explained

Quiet the mind.

Interactive Guided Imagery℠ is based on Jungian psychology and the idea that our reality is largely a manifestation of our mind. This applies to everything from our personal worries to our professional aspirations.

Quieting the mind allows us to open our clients to the inner realms and explore in a way that is rarely experienced.

Listen to the unconscious.

Our unconscious mind is a collection of intuitions, emotions, memories, and beliefs, often expressed more vividly through images than words. Western culture tends to underplay the significance of these images and the feelings they evoke.

As we quiet the mind, the unconscious starts to open up and allow the deeply held intuitions, beliefs, and emotions that it has held onto. Interactive Guided Imagery℠ has the unique ability to  uncover insights more rapidly and directly helpful than conventional diagnostics.

Interact with the inner wisdoms.

Using guided imagery, clients can visualize and interact with an image representing a pain, trauma or challenge. These images are deeply resonant archetypes that clients build relationships with and grow to trust, sometimes more deeply than any relationships in the external world.

Interactive Guided Imagery℠ incorporates techniques from hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, psychosynthesis, and Jungian active imagination. It gives us access to our innate resources guiding us to deal with challenges and heal from the inside out.

Overcome challenges with unique perspectives.

evocative IMAGERY
Use imagery to evoke any spectrum of feelings to assist in transformation or create daily relief.
inner advisor IMAGERY
Use an inner advisor to facilitate clients using their own inner wisdom
regression IMAGERY
Heal limiting beliefs or stored physical trauma caused by past events
resistance IMAGERY
Treat addictions with diet, smoking & alcohol
Pediatric imagery
Cope with children's anxiety & stress
PTSD imagery
Heal PTSD & wounds of past trauma
somatic imagery
Relieve pain and symptoms of chronic & life-threatening diseases
transformational imagery
Cope with grief and loss of loved ones

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