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Parts, Polarities, and Conflict Resolution

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ATS-2B Workbook Cover

Parts, Polarities, and Conflict Resolution
Course ID: ATS-2B
Instructors: David Bresler, PhD, LAc & Marty Rossman, MD
CE Credit: 6.5 Hours
Prerequisites: ATS-2A

ATS-2B focuses on working with polarities, for when an inner conflict is activated, at least two polar views are involved, each with different aims, perspectives, values and needs.

The program explores how IGI℠ is used to resolve such conflicts and negotiate an improved inner relationship.

Section I focuses on using the model of polarities as the simplest form of inner conflict between the "sub-personalities" or "ego states" which were discussed in detail in the companion program, ATS-2A: Resistance and Parts Work.

In Section II, the concept of "sub-personalities" is further explored as it relates to inner conflicts, especially in the field of addictions.

Section III includes a demonstration of the concepts and techniques described with a volunteers at a live workshop.

When you listen to this demonstration, pay special attention to how the content-free language of interactive guiding can help to facilitate the client's process.

In Section IV, we discuss how IGI℠ techniques can be used to promote learning and change, and in Section V, we focus on using IGI℠ techniques to overcome resistance for issues related to addictions and habit control.

Section VI includes a recording of a full session demonstration using IGI℠ techniques to reconcile polarities that are in conflict, and the debriefing session that followed it with a live audience.


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