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Resistance and Parts Work

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ATS-2A Workbook Cover

Resistance and Parts Work
Course ID: ATS-2A
Instructors: David Bresler, PhD, LAc & Marty Rossman, MD
CE Credit: 6.5 Hours
Prerequisites: Preceptorship 1

Whether you are working toward Professional Certification as an Interactive Imagery Guide℠ or taking this program simply for advanced study, you will discover that resistance and parts work are central to the process of Interactive Guided Imagery℠.

If you are enrolled in the Academy's Certification training program, this course (along with it's companion ATS-2B course Polarities, Conflict Resolution and Parts) is a prerequisite to attending Preceptorship II.

This program focuses on the nature and function of resistance, parts, sub-personalities and ego states. Specifically, we will show you how Interactive Guided Imagery℠ can be used effectively to understand and work with resistance and to help clients identify, understand, and reconcile inner conflicts.

As a part of this program, we will address several of the clinical strategies used for working with resistance and parts, especially as they relate to treating addictions.

You will also have the opportunity to hear a demonstration of the concepts and techniques we use with four volunteers from live workshops. When you listen to these demonstrations, pay special attention to how the specific language used facilitates the client's process.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in several experiential exercises. All home study courses have been designed so that you can learn the material without a study partner, but you will find that doing the practicum with a study partner will greatly enhance the learning experience.

We especially encourage you to find a friend or colleague willing to be a volunteer subject for the practicum in Section III, and in Section V, a special experiential exercise, called “The Circle of Wants”, should ideally be experienced with four others.

So you may want to begin thinking about asking friends, colleagues or other imagery students if they are interested in having this enlightening and fun experience with you.


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