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Advanced Work with the Inner Advisor

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ATS-1B Workbook Cover

Advanced Work with the Inner Advisor
Course ID: ATS-1B
Instructors: David Bresler, PhD, LAc & Marty Rossman, MD
CE Credit: 13 Hours
Prerequisites: ATS-1A

ATS-1B moves more deeply into working with the "Inner Advisor" or "Inner Guide" technique. The program begins by defining what the Inner Advisor is and isn’t, and then surveys the many uses of the Inner Advisor technique in clinical practice.

Through lectures and practice, you will learn the precise steps to follow in meeting the Inner Advisor, and the ways in which communication can be enhanced and facilitated. Through “simulated guiding,” you’ll have a unique opportunity to explore your own abilities in confronting common problems that can arise when working with the Inner Advisor (as well as have a lot of fun).

Using case examples and guiding exercises, the program delves into the common problems that arise with this approach, such as "no Advisor," "multiple Advisors," fear of the technique and "negative" or "hostile Advisors." ATS-1B provides a road map for effectively working through these challenging situations.

This home study program has been designed so that you can master the material without a study partner, but you will find that doing the experiential practice with a partner can greatly enhance the learning experience. We encourage you to find a friend or colleague willing to be a volunteer subject for you, or even better, to go through Certification training with you.

For the audio lectures, we have selected excerpts from live workshops presented by Drs. Bresler and Rossman. Some lectures are included in their entirety, while others have been edited. In specific cases, duplicate material that is particularly important may be included from more than one workshop, for it doesn’t hurt to hear this material more than once.

Some of the recordings from the “live” workshop are a bit noisy and occasionally difficulty to hear, but they have been included so that you can feel like an active participant in the training experience and share some of the fun and excitement of this workshop.


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