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The Role of the Interactive Imagery Guide℠

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ATS-1A Workbook Cover

The Role of the Interactive Imagery Guide℠
Course ID: ATS-1A
Instructors: David Bresler, PhD, LAc & Marty Rossman, MD
CE Credit: 6.5 Hours
Prerequisites: FIGI

After completing the FIGI program, each of the next eight courses is presented in a downloadable format with an accompanying workbook containing lecture notes, exercises, scripts, and reading materials.

ATS-1A focuses on the role of the guide as a facilitator of the imagery process. This program examines the qualities that encourage self-exploration, empowerment and the abilities to attend to one’s own process. It reviews the essential similarities and differences between a "guide" and a "therapist."

The "ideal" imagery guide embodies certain qualities and masters certain skills that facilitate the ability of the client to attend to their inner experiences most easily. The "ideal" imagery guide approaches the work of guiding with a sense of purpose that allows them to guide this process without unnecessary intrusion of their own agenda.

This program has been designed to help you become aware of the qualities, perspectives, and skills that can make you a more effective Imagery Guide. Each of these subject areas will be explored through lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and practical exercises designed to enhance self-exploration.

This program is more experiential than our introductory FIGI course, and it goes more deeply into fewer subject areas. This independent study program has been designed so that you can master the material without a study partner, but you will find that doing the experiential practice with a partner can greatly enhance the learning experience. We encourage you to find a friend or colleague willing to be a volunteer subject for you, or even better, to go through Certification training with you.

For this home study course, we have selected some of the best information from live workshops presented by Drs. Bresler and Rossman. Some of the lectures are presented in their entirety, others have been edited. In specific cases, duplicate material that is particularly important or interesting is included from more than one workshop, but our feeling is that it doesn’t hurt to hear this material more than once.


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