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FIGI Deluxe

Fundamentals of Interactive Guided Imagery℠

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Fundamentals of Interactive Guided Imagery℠
Course ID: FIGI
Instructors: David Bresler, PhD, LAc & Marty Rossman, MD
CE Credit: 13 Hours
Prerequisites: None

This first comprehensive survey course provides a broad overview of the applications and uses of interactive guiding techniques and principles, including the history of imagery, how it works, its relation to hypnosis, and the unique role of the Imagery Guide℠.

It provides training in the essential IGI℠ techniques that are most useful in medicine, nursing, health psychology, psychotherapy, counseling, coaching, and mind/body medicine. These include imagery-based diagnostic and prognostic assessment techniques, relaxation methods, insight, evocative, and grounding techniques.

Special emphasis is given on using IGI℠ to communicate with an "Inner Advisor," to better understand the meaning of illness by dialoguing with symptoms, and to effect positive change in the real world by turning insights into actions. Also addressed are practical considerations such as fees, medical-legal implications, and ethical issues as they relate to the use of IGI℠.

Although you may have extensive training and experience with guided imagery, visualization, hypnosis, biofeedback, meditation, and other mind/body approaches, we have found that working interactively with imagery brings unique insights, opportunities, and challenges that require specific skills and attitudes in order to achieve a successful result.

Given the diverse background that our students bring to the training, we have found that completion of this course is essential to "even the playing field" so that all participants in advanced training speak the same language and understand the critical principles that underlie IGI℠'s effectiveness.

While some of the material may be familiar, many of our students report that the Interactive Guided Imagery℠ techniques they learned in these trainings have completely transformed their practices and are now the main focus of their work.

Once you have mastered the fundamental concepts, techniques, attitudes, and strategies taught in this FIGI program (and have satisfactory completed the multiple choice final exam), you are then eligible to enroll in the other advanced training programs leading to Professional Certification through the Academy.

This program includes a comprehensive workbook and is presented in a downloaded format which includes audio tracks and video files. A self-administered final examination is also included.

To satisfactorily complete this program, you must correctly answer 35 out of 50 true/false or multiple choice questions and submit Evaluation and Need Assessment Forms.


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FIGI Deluxe

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