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Full Certification Training (9-Month Payment Plan)

9-Month Payment Plan

The Academy’s Professional Certification Training Program includes downloadable training materials which contains enrollment in the FIGI Program (Deluxe Version), the 8 advanced home study programs (ATS-1A through ATS-4B), and the 2 Preceptorships. Course materials include audio, video, and text files downloaded as .mp3s, .mp4s, and .pdf files.

The tuition for this option is a 9-Month Payment Plan of $177 monthly for 9 months. If you enroll with Continuing Education Credits (CE), your payment will be a $205 monthly for 9 months.

How to Download and UnZip your file:
After purchasing your digital download, you'll receive an email with an invoice of your order. Towards the bottom of the invoice, you'll see a blue button labeled, "Download". Go ahead and click on it.


After clicking on the download button, you should be redirected to this download page. Once again, you'll see a blue button labeled, "Download". Go ahead and click on it to start your download.


Once your download is finished, you'll want to navigate to your "Downloads Folder" (or wherever you've designated your downloadable files to be saved).


Once you've located your downloads folder and your downloaded file, go ahead and right click on the file and select "Open".


Once you've selected the open option, your file will begin to "Unzip". Please keep in mind that if you're on a PC, the process in the same but you'll be using an application by the name of "WinZip" or an archive utility that has been preinstalled on your machine.

If there are no such applications installed like the two I just mentioned on your machine, you can download WinZip (PC), or The Unarchiver (MAC) here.


After your file has unzipped, you can then add them to your favorite Media Player Application (iTunes, etc.) or Device. Enjoy!


If you have any questions, problems, or just want to say hi, feel free to contact our "Wizard" at: Victor@acadgi.com.


9-Month Payment Plan (Digital Download)


Full Certification Training (9-Month Payment Plan)

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