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IGI℠ with Physical, Chronic & Life-Threatening Illness

ATS-4A Workbook Cover

IGI℠ with Physical, Chronic & Life-Threatening Illness
Course ID: ATS-4A
Instructors: David Bresler, PhD, LAc, Marty Rossman, Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, O. Carl Simonton, MD, Jan Maxwell, RN, Terry Miller, RN
CE Credit: 6.5 Hours
Prerequisites: ATS-3B

ATS-4A examines the many uses of guided imagery in working with people with physical illnesses, with an emphasis on issues accompanying chronic, catastrophic, and life-threatening illness.

Many of the same approaches that are helpful in working on psychological issues with people are also helpful to people coping with or adapting to physical illness, though special precautions and caveats apply.

In addition, imagery can often be helpful in relieving pain or other symptoms, helping people to tolerate difficult medical procedures, and in stimulating healing responses in the body.

The onset of serious or life-threatening illness creates a number of crises that need to be addressed by the patient and helping professional if the patient is to meet the challenge of the illness most resourcefully.

These special needs are examined and worked with in detail, with special attention to the utility of imagery in helping to meet these needs.

Special attention is also given to issues in chronic pain, cancer, and AIDS as models for some of the most demanding and enriching work one can do.

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