Forms of Therapy

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The term “guided imagery” is used to describe a range of techniques from simple visualization and direct imagery-based suggestion, to metaphor and story-telling. The service-marked term “Interactive Guided Imagery℠” (IGI℠) refers to the specific approach taught by the Academy in which imagery is used in a highly interactive format to tap inner wisdom and evoke greater client/patient autonomy.

IGI℠ is particularly suited to our current health care climate, where cost-effective mind/body medicine, improved medical self-care, and briefer, yet more empowering approaches to health care are valued by clients/patients, providers, and insurers alike.

IGI℠ is usually practiced by licensed health care clinicians in diverse specialties, health educators, and lay practitioners who have been trained and certified by the Academy for Guided Imagery through its Professional Certification Training Program.

IGI℠ is also applicable as a self-care technique, in a group or class, or as part of an individual counseling relationship. Self-help imagery books and tapes are also an inexpensive option for many clients who are capable of learning and utilizing these techniques on their own. See the Imagery Store for more information.