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Our Belief

• We believe there is wisdom in every one of us, and we are dedicated to researching, developing, and teaching effective methods to access and act on that inner wisdom.

Our Mission

• To further our understanding of the imagery process in human life and development by exploring innovative mind/body applications in health care for individuals, their families, their workplace, and their communities.

• To provide systematic, high quality training and guidance for health care clinicians, coaches, and educators who desire to learn how to access and use the power of imagery and the mind/body connection for healing.

• To network our professional community in a supportive, creative and enjoyable way.

Our Promise

• An outstanding program of professional training.

• An uplifting, personally meaningful educational experience.

• A leading edge method for using the power of the mind to stimulate healing, growth and creativity.

Our Vision

• We imagine a health care system that encourages the patient/client to take a responsible and active role in the healing process.

• We imagine patients/clients actively accessing and using their innate healing abilities through the power of the mind/body connection.

• We imagine a whole new breed of health care providers, coaches, and educators - those who have developed special expertise that allows them to skillfully support the maximum healing potential of their patients/clients.

• We imagine these Interactive Imagery Guides℠ to be integral members of every modern health care team.

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